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 Grumpy old man

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Chris Cooper


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PostSubject: Grumpy old man   Tue Aug 07, 2012 1:23 am

At the very real risk of sounding like the above - I am finding it more difficult to understand why none of the Sitio rules are being upheld ?
I dont mean petty things like having your BBQ on the grass for an hour or two or the same with a little washing to catch the sun.
(this, strangely enough, was something that one of the owners was told off about a month or two ago - not sure who did the telling)
But now its a daily sight to see football being played, towels and loungers left out all over the gardens, loud music being played for everyone to hear
regardless of their own tastes.
I want to know how it is that the block reps are not taking their positions at all seriously ?
It does annoy me to think that one person can be told off for having a single BBQ one evening and yet some are allowed to leave them out including
their gas bottles for a MONTH ?
As I said at the start - I dont want to seem petty - this isnt a prison camp and people come to enjoy their holiday. I just find it hard to accept
that some are allowed to take it beyond the 'petty' and are starting to reduce Sitio to a 'time-share' appearance !
If others are feeling this way - tell your block rep - they dont have to be 'petty' but how about a little balance ?
As a further ps to the above - the gardens of Sitio are 'communal' and yet some ground floor 'occupants' have completely filled the area with
equipment ensuring that none of the above floor occupants get a chance to use that 'communal' area.
Can anyone throw any light on the rules governing these internal pieces of garden ? I recently witnessed an estate agent showing a prospective
buyer that the ground floor apartment included the garden upto the end of the conifer hedge ?
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Grumpy old man
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