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 Books and Authors or 'the three 'R's - 'Reading' and 'Reading Rubbish'

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Chris Cooper


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PostSubject: Books and Authors or 'the three 'R's - 'Reading' and 'Reading Rubbish'   Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:32 pm

Having spent the morning wandering the Car Boot sale with Ken this morning on the lookout for replacement books(for the two I lent him which he hasn't yet read but seems to have 'mislaid') I realised how much total rubbish has been written in the last few years.
While there were not enormous stalls full of books around today, it was noticeable how hard it was to find the GOOD authors and how much rubbish there is that nobody wants.
It shouldn't have surprised me really since every time I go to the book shop some tallentless 'self styled celebrity', has a 'new book' out which everyone knows was written by an army of ghost writers since they have no idea how to string more than 3 words together - I digress(sorry just one of my pet hates).
Anyway books are no longer cheap so getting to read the best ones before you fork over so much cash is a great idea(its no good reading the critics online either since they have no idea what YOU like)
So.....I thought it would be a good idea to open one of the first 'General Interest Post' subjects on BOOKS AND AUTHORS.
If there is interest, which I hope there is, we can offer up our views on 'who' is worth reading and 'why' - but NO STORY ENDINGS PLEASE !!!
I shall start posting my recommended and favourites on the next post.

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PostSubject: Re: Books and Authors or 'the three 'R's - 'Reading' and 'Reading Rubbish'   Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:32 am

ha ha ha , yes it's true, god knows where i have lost these books,Chris has a collection of Bernard Cornwall;s SHARPES Books, so i had just finished the one called Havoc, thin thought i would start on the next, (Eagle) i thought i had it in my book case, but no, so i nipped up to Chris to borrow it, he said , i have lent it to you, also with the one that follows on,(Gold) well i have searched high and low, i can't find the blooming thinks, ha ha ha so that's how we come to have a great time searching every stall that had a book or three,but no luck,so if there is anyone out there that i have loaned them to, HELP, HA HA HA ; so i can't wait and have skipped to the next one, Sharpe;s Escape, it you have not read these books, then get to the boot sales or second hand book shops and start ,i think these are a great read.
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Books and Authors or 'the three 'R's - 'Reading' and 'Reading Rubbish'
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