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 Praising Helicoptor Sanitarios

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Chris Cooper


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PostSubject: Praising Helicoptor Sanitarios   Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:20 pm

Having spent the last 2 weeks on my back with severe trapped nerve and lumbago, I thought I'd take the chance to praise the service I got from Helicopter Sanitarios.
Not only did they call on me when I first had the problem more than a month ago but have been calling each day since to inject my bum.
Now I know its not free but for 300 odd euros a year for the two of us I cant complain.
My first bout of back troubles they attended to last month but I was too keen to get up and about so suffered a relapse much worse.
This time they insisted I had to stay on my back and get the jabs and have been along every morning about 9.30 to play darts on my cheeks.
The point is that they are consistent and excellent and have the patience to deal with people in pain.
I also heard they will call on holiday makers but of course that will cost about 100 euros I think - although I have been told anyone can pay that and get 3 months cover for the year.
Once again I know I paid but cant believe how good it is to have someone on call (a Doctor and 2 meds) 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year - who get ANNOYED if you DONT call them !
I have no idea what the other services are like but I highly recommend Helicopter - they even called once to treat an ear infection.

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Praising Helicoptor Sanitarios
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