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 NEW ADDRESS - Correos vs Delivery

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Chris Cooper


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PostSubject: NEW ADDRESS - Correos vs Delivery   Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:19 am

I dont know about anyone else but I'm starting to wonder if the new Correos address is a total balls-up ?
The drop in mail over the last few weeks must be apparent to everyone it may only be the season but I'm starting to wonder?
While the Correos instructs everyone to have their mail addressed 'Calle Belgica fase 2' it goes on to say MIJAS GOLF and no mention of SITIO DEL GOLF.
In addition to this - while it may be what the Correos wants - when people order items for delivery by other parties - they are going to try and deliver to Apartments in FASE 2 - which of course is the address we have been instructed to use.
Its starting to look very much like companies such as Amazon etc are sending parcels to the 'Correos' address and hence had drivers reporting back that they were 'unable to deliver' to (for example) 'Calle Belgica Fase 2 apartment 12 fase 4' which must be totally confusing and they probably go off to MIJAS GOLF looking for an apartment with TWO FASE NUMBERS.
Is anyone else having mail problems ? (apart from the usual Correos problems)

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NEW ADDRESS - Correos vs Delivery
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