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 Micheal Dixon Marathon

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PostSubject: Micheal Dixon Marathon   Tue Apr 19, 2011 8:17 am

This is how Micheal did at the weekend, (bless him) this is a letter to us from his mum, i am sure she won't mind sharing,because i know some of you know her son,
Ended up in hospital at the 12Th mile. He was hypertensive, had tachycardia and hypothermia! I was in Canary Wharf, having just seen him at Surrey Quays, when the doctor phoned to say he was in hospital. Well I don’t know this Dockland Light Railway at all, although I could get you to St Thomas’ Hospital by tube, so it was a nightmare. When we got to the hospital he was in re-suss and his hands were the colour and texture of a dead person. He said that there was a woman with a broken knee and they had called an ambulance for her, but gave it to Michael first as he appeared to be more need of hospital treatment. At 4ish, he was fine and we caught the train back home! We just don’t know what it was, and if it had been his first we might have said that he was just not able to do a marathon, but this was his 4Th, and he did Edinburgh in 27 degrees, so it wasn't even the fact that it was so hot.

Still he is alive and well, which is the main thing, but very disappointed as this is the 2ND London one he has been unable to do, if you remember last year he had an operation on his knee and had to pull out, still perhaps 3rd time lucky, the BHF will make sure he is entered again next year.

Glad you are OK Micheal, best wishes for next year,

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Micheal Dixon Marathon
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