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 Concrete BALLS !

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Chris Cooper


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PostSubject: Concrete BALLS !   Wed May 04, 2011 9:32 am

Enough is enough - will someone PLEASE do something and remove those bloody CONCRETE BALLS from the small parking area at the end of Fase 4/5 ?
While there IS some merit in controlling the parking there, the amount of damage caused to vehicles since theyre introduction is WAAAYYY too much.
Either replace them with posts which PEOPLE CAN SEE - or remove them totally.
I hardly ever use that area but since its virtually IMPOSSIBLE to see them from INSIDE a car, you can bet some car bodywork will SUFFER purely from the smallest manouver as happened today - the first time I've been NEAR the place for MONTHS.
Would ALL those who have suffered some damage to their vehicles from these please add your name to this page and let get it sorted - I would be interested in the INSURANCE status regarding damage caused by these totally IMPRACTICLE OBJECTS !
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Concrete BALLS !
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