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 AGM 2012 - 3rd March 2012

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Chris Cooper


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PostSubject: AGM 2012 - 3rd March 2012   Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:55 am

For those unable to attend the following is a summary of the meeting.
The official minutes should appear on the official Sitio website and be mailed/emails to owners by the President.

There was not a great attendance - about 20 people.
The President said some kind words about Ken before the meeting opened.
One guy(a Spanish economist) was not happy with the way the balance sheets had be 'laid-out(?)' but didnt dispute
any figures - he left early.
The balances were agreed on as were the items from last year - all seems good and there ended with a reduction of costs from last year of about 35000 euros.
Since everyone voted that the excisting president and commitee had done a great job of getting Sitio back on track they were re-elected unanimously.
President - Karina
Vice President - Marissa
The subject of debtors then came up and there was Sitio's lawyer in attendence to explain what actions were being taken to recover
the unpaid community fees.
10 people in Apartments = 1-2,2-16,2-21,2-28,3-5,3-6,3-13,4-4,4-23,and 4-25 are being taken to court to get payment. The main problem one is 1-2 where they are unable to trace the woman who owns it and have now arranged for a solicitor in England to try
also. When they do find her they will be able to take action under European agreements.
Many comments were raised regarding that apartment and the poor state its in, especially by those adjacent who suffer the smells and danger to health. Sadly there is nothing that can be done by Sitio to cure the problem that would not leave them liable to prosecution. It was however interesting to know that many thought a good 'squatter' would be preferred to allowing the apartment to continued deteriorating. The law allows an apartment to be squatted provided it is not a 'primary residence' and only the 'owner' can take civil action to have them removed - of course since this owner would need to come forward she would then be liable to those 11,000 odd euros that she owes.
It was unanimously voted to authorise the continued legal efforts to recover the overdue fees.

In future the fees for owners will be subject to a 5% DISCOUNT for advance payment and a 20% PENALTY for late payment.

Election of block residents then took place with the following elected*

Block 1 = Sandra - Apartment 1 - 26
Block 2 = David - Apartment 2 - 27
Block 3 = Christina - Partment 3 -42 (she was elected over John - 3 - 38)
Block 4 = John - Apartment 3 - 38 (also block 5) elected by default since nobody else stood and he was the
only other person standing but defeated for block 3
Block 5 = Robert Apartment 5 - 18

Next subject was the problems over the pools.

The small pools near block 4/5 are just waiting for confirmation from the Junta Health and safety for the work to be started and it was expect to be about 6 weeks (yesterday they emptied the deep pool there but I have no idea why yet)
All seems sorted and finances are covered for those pools.
It was voted unanimously to proceed as arranged and to complete those pools as quickly as possible with the intention that they be ready and 'officially' opened for the summer and the budget includes the cost of lifeguars for those.

The Large pools are still the main problem and right now the main one will be usable but not officiall open for the summer. The other side(nearest Tamisa - should be emptied and it was agreed a new fence would be erected to seperate them.
The selected contractor then outlined the possibilities for the work needed to make them legal and usable although none of this could be done before next year(2013) for both planning and budget reasons.
3 options were given regarding them(there were various figures which should show in the official minutes but I have only noted
the final totals inclusive of new machinery, re-engineering of machinery room, taxes and fees.

1 = That they maintain their shape and size but would have a new filtration system installed around the edges along with a 40
Cubic Metre 'Resevoir' to be dug close to the Golf course for filtration water storage. Total cost estimate 248K euros.
2 = That the deep ends of both pools be closed and both the pools reduced in size. Total cost estimate 200K euros.
3 = Close off and fill in completely the pool closest to the Tamisa. Total cost estimate 140K euros.

Naturally there was much discussion regarding these figures and how much the 'extra' fees would be.
Dependant on the option it would be between 1000 and 1500 euros. It was of course noted that it could be less if there were any success in getting the 50000 euros outstanding from overdue fees.

A vote was taken but not neccessarily binding on which option was favoured as there it was a long way off yet.
Since I was holding 3 'proxies' without definate instructions, I abstained on voting since it related to a possible financial decision
of those owners.
The vote was carried for Option 1 as the preffered one.

The only other business raised was it was agreed that 'fines' would be levied for breaches of Sitio rules against the owners
of apartments(who of course would need to resolve it with their tennants).
Also by me regarding getting some notices up around Sitio to try and eliminate the amount of dog crap along the pavements. Its possible they will be placed around.

There being no other business the meeting came to a close.
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richard cooper

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PostSubject:    Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:15 am

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the informative notes on the topics discussed at the recent agm, we, and I am sure ohers found it very good. It's nice to be able to read a comprehensive account of what went on for those of us that were unable to manage to get to the meeting this year.

It's a shame that the site seems to have lost some support since Ken passed away and I feel sure he would have found a way to have kicked people into supporting this useful method of the owners being able to communicate their thoughts about all aspects of Sitio news, for it is the only way that we all get to know what is going on. So come on folks lets not let this useful site disappear.

Richard Cooper.
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AGM 2012 - 3rd March 2012
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